As part of National Bike Week, Active Schools in partnership with Getabout is organising a family cycle round Hazlehead Park.

The rides will start from the cafe with a choice of 2 routes (short 2 miles/long 4 miles).  Please note that the routes are on paths which may be bumpy (not for racing bikes).  The routes also go up a small incline so youngsters with no gears may need to pedal hard or push on occasions.  However last year P2’s successfully completed the route.  Please note there will be NO stewards on the routes so primary pupils must be accompanied by an adult.  Why not get a group of friends and come along for the evening?

The park ride route will be open from 3.30pm-7.30pm and participants should ensure they register in at the marquee next to the cafe when they arrive.

So that I know roughly how many people are going to do the cycle route please contact me to register a start time between <b>3.30-7pm</b> and the number of people in your group. Wendy at Active Schools on 07920213524 or email

All cycles should be in working order and all participants must wear a helmet.

BETABOUT Road show
The road show will be on at the café area from 3pm-8pm. There is a choice of 30 different types of bikes to try including ones with stabilizers.  So whether you are a child or adult come along and try a bike round the small circuit.  Helmets will be provided and there is no cost to this activity.

There will be a small course set up in the main park area that families are welcome to try.  Pick up a map form the marquee at the café get some brief instructions and off you go (on foot). Primary pupils should be accompanied by an adult.