CONGRATULATIONS to all runners who took part in The Dandara 5k event and fun runs. The event was a huge success and enjoyed by many. Thank you to all the helpers who gave their time helping as marshals and volunteers at the event.

Male 5k

1st Ronald Gauld
2nd Euan Rose
3rd Phil Edgley

Female 5k

1st Tammy Wilson
2nd Joanna Geddes
3rd Lindsay Halliday

P1-4 Boys

1st Blair Hendry – Airyhall
2nd Rhys Crawford – Albyn
3rd Dan Hall – Scotstown

P1-4 Girls

1st Marni Lovie – Hazlehead
2nd Millie Thompson – Drumoak
3rd Hope Thompson – Hazlehead

P5-7 Boys

1st John Binnie – Airyhall
2nd Kai Crawford – Albyn
3rd Mac Guy – Ferryhill

P5-7 Girls

1st Mia Lovie – Hazlehead
2nd Caitlin Purcell – Hazlehead
3rd Kirsty Purcell – Hazlehead

S1-4 Boys

1st George Jones – Robert Gordons
2nd Sam Huntington – Westhill
3rd Ben Campbell – Bucksburn

S1-4 Girls

1st Elizabeth Mcoll – Dyce
2nd Iona Croon – Cults
3rd Alex Shaw – Albyn

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