Hazlehead Park houses a significant collection of sculptures by a range of artists including heritage items which have been rescued from various places within the city. These are distributed throughout the park with some quite well hidden from the well trodden path.

Football and Rugby

There is an extensive area of football pitches at Hazlehead Park. Pitches at the park are home to several amateur league football teams who regularly use the facilites, including a modern pavilion offering ample changing space and showers.

Play Park

There is a large, modern and well equipped children’s play area. There is an array of swings, slides and climbing features catering for a range of ages. Wood chip surfacing has been laid for safety. Adults may relax and unwind on the adjacent park benches.

Running and Fitness

The potential for running routes in the park is great with a wide variety of options. You can run on a 500m tarmac straight (popular with clubs), laps of the football pitches, through the local streets, or through the wooded areas.