The potential for running routes in the park is great with a wide variety of options. You can run on a 500m tarmac straight (popular with clubs), laps of the football pitches, through the local streets, or through the wooded areas.

Identified as one of the main projects for the Friends was the development of Olympic standard running routes in the area. We have mapped out 4 running routes which are colour coded to make following them easy. This development will see the installation of the colour coded signs, path repairs and a map at the starting point.

Note of warning though…the paths on these routes may not be of the best condition at present, but this is one of our points of focus. Please let us know if you want to help us fix them, possibly adding some upper body shovel work to your exercise routine!

But also, please note that the paths through Hazlehead Park are not exclusive to runners but are also used for walking, cycling, and horse riding.

Additionally, Aberdeen Speedsters, Metro AberdeenMilitary Fitness Training and Aberdeen Park Run all use and support the park.