Hazlehead Park has gained the distinction of being recognised as Scotland’s first “Climate Change Park.”  But what actually does that mean?  The award has been made by Greenspace Scotland, a self funding body with aims of supporting the development and sustainable management of greenspaces for the benefit of people in urban Scotland.  Hazlehead was recognised as having the potential for projects that will develop the park along lines that are more sustainable such as: energy efficiency, waste management, and adaption for the effects of climate change.  Greenspace has produced a report with input from various local bodies including the Friends of Hazlehead.  This will lead to a series of short term and longer term projects for which funding will be sought from various national bodies and sponsors.

From the public consultation priority areas of focus include:

  • addressing drainage and waterlogging problems (most likely resolved with the creation of wetland zones to manage water flow)
  • improving information signage
  • improving bicycle parking facilites
  • improving toilet facilities
  • improving access by thinning shrubs
  • tree replacement and planting